Arctic Urbanism, city-building above the polar circle, 2022

A research field trip organised and curated together with Eduardo Cassina, held on 23.05.2022 to 5.06.2022. Student group:  

The Arctic, an area that falls across different national jurisdictions, is one of the fastest growing regions per capita in the world, as well as one of the most rapidly changing territories: lying at the intersection of climate change, extractivism, indigenous sovereignty claims, new trade routes, and radical urbanization. Often considered a ‘frontier’ to human settlement and modernity, the harsh weather conditions have made it difficult to inhabit. Arctic Urbanism: City-building above the polar circle was a study-tour of four Arctic cities, where we will document, map, and theorize about the different strategies that have been used to urbanize and settle this rapidly-changing territory. The result of this study will be a collective publication that records not only our journey, but the different urban strategies we witness during our journey above the polar circle.