How Can I Make Nice Things, 2021

How Can I Make Nice Things, 2021, print on laser-cut acrylic with video, in collaboration with @pdonbeck is part of Crypto for Cryptids, a group exhibition @jwdartspace organised and curated by @speedygrandma.rathon , Pongsakorn Yananissorn and @nawinnuthong . See it from 26.11.2021 to 27.03.2022

"How Can I Make Nice Things. You got stuck on that 3d thing. Maybe it is your personal project, school or a work assignment. You were supposed to do it alone, right? You panicked. How long have you been taking this shower already? Lurking into Reddit feeds, Youtube tutorials or Discord communities seems natural in this situation. How does this infinite live stream of knowledge production make you feel? With each refresh, the world of skills, expectations and opportunities asks us to participate in that extensive course of the cold blooded school of thought with it’s attention demanding curriculum. Those relationships you keep in the shadows see bright light only through fast rendering settings, asset packs and modeling techniques. Ultimate and fast guide? Learning streams through online infrastructures blends with content production and algorithmic optimizations influencing the ways we produce 3d environments, meaning and knowledge. Maybe your online communities are your primary areas of hanging out. Asking, how can I … is a powerful world building platform. Welcoming guiding voices requires practice, routines and new methods. It makes us vulnerable but at the same time allows something special to happen. How can I make nice things is a portal exploring the role of online platforms and informal exchanges in knowledge production. It channels the inner voices and questions scraped from helpdesks, 3d modelling forums and Reddit threads organized into a looping interface of struggles. In the world of promised algorithmic possibilities how instead of extensive production do we find, join and nurture communities to hang out and grow?"