art-director, visual artist, multidisciplinary designer and educator

I produce visual, digital, and spatial works for art and architecture foundations, art collectives, music festivals, and commercial clients in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

I worked with/for/at:


stills from audio-visual performance, 2024
SubTerrarium at Aarhus School of Architecture
art director and graphic designer for exhibition and conference , 2024
UNFILM Virtual Festival
audio-visual performance w. Club Mascot, Bangkok 2024
audio-visual performance, Rajgrod 2024
MOZG CLUB 30th Anniversary 
live visual performance, Bydgoszcz 2024
DIAGE Digital Arts & Electronic Music Festival
audio-visual performance w. Club Mascot and Boon Wongpaisan, Bangkok 2023
Practice of Airing for Passing On Resillience
food performance at the National Art Gallery  w. Jonas Peklas curated by Monika Dorniak, Vilnius 2023
Living Continuity, Sharjah Architecture Triennial Research Initiative
discussion panels, workshops and exhibitions, Sharjah 2022-2023
Hosting Lands, slow growing exhibition movement
visual identity, Copenhagen 2023
Expo 2020 Dubai ‘On The Book Of Sceneries’
graphic designer for cover artwork , 2021
Polygon.Live for Wonderfruit Festival
creative direction and design w. Hutsama Juntaratana, Pattaya 2022 & 2023
You Said You Like Dancing
art direction for special club formats w. Panlert, Bangkok
We Thought We Were A Hovercraft But We Got Stuck In A Mud
performance, research and installation w. Monitor Lizard, Bangkok 2021
Arctic Urbanism, Urbanization In Polar Region
research and video w. Eduardo Cassina, above Polar Circle 2022
Polar Madmax Ikea in June and Bangkok at Night
essay for Matto Magazine Paris w. Eduardo Cassina, 2022
New Models WEBDEX
group exhibition at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin 2021
School of Many Schools
visual essay, Bangkok 2023
‘Never The Right Time’ Public Lecture Series
curator, Bangkok 2021-2022
PĒC / After
entry for Latvian Pavilion at Venice Biennale w. Animali Domestici and Liva Dudareva, 2022
Waiting for Tomorrow’s Crash
fiction writing, 2023
How Can I Make Nice Things
video installation, Bangkok 2021
Milk Tea Alliance
video installation, Bangkok 2023
Bibi Salme
art direction and graphic design, Sharjah 2021
Secondhand Experience for Transatlantic Berlin Label Showcase
video installation, Bangkok 2022
Soft Drag for Raze Heavy Electronic Music Experience
video installation, Bangkok 2022
School 4KHD
visual essay for Matto Magazine Paris w. Monitor Lizard, 2021
Inda Parade 2020 ‘Keep The School Real’ Virtual Student Festival
creative direction and production w. Patrick Donbeck, Bangkok 2020
What Texture Pack Is This, Post-Nostalgia In Academia
performative conference w. Tijn van de Wijdeven, Bangkok 2020
Monitor Lizard House, open project space
art direction, Bangkok 2020-2022
Sniffing Between Pages
video installation, Sharjah/Bangkok 2021
3D Coral, Underwater Scanning Research
research, Thailand 2017-2021

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